Inver Xtra, our new and improved standard petrol and diesel has the benefit of an additive.

Inver Xtra fuels provide multiple benefits for the Irish motorist.

  • Improves fuel burning efficiency reducing car emissions
  • Reduces corrosion for longer engine life
  • Cleans your engine to increase its power and performance

Your car will benefit from the first tankful of Inver Xtra, but optimum benefits are gained from continuous use of our new petrol and diesel. Inver Xtra is a key part of its continued commitment to serving quality assured fuels.

Inver Xtra fuels are now available at all Inver service stations. 


Fuel Quality

Our fuels are directly supplied from our JV 82,000m3 state-of-the-art terminal in Foynes. Inver has developed the Quality Assured fuels programme to give you, our customers the assurance that fuels supplied by Inver meet National and European fuel standards and have complete traceability from the point of manufacture to our ‘customers’.

Fuels carrying the Quality Fuel icon are:

  • Tested by a certified laboratory at the refinery of origin prior to loading the oil tanker
  • Checked by independent surveyors for quality assurance at the loading refinery and at Inver’s import terminals
  • Provided with Certificates of Quality for each individual cargo showing that the fuels meet EU and Irish Specifications